Special Education

Children with specific learning disabilities require special education services to overcome difficulties. Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic has years of education in helping kids get over their learning difficulties and lead a normal life. We deploy remedial instructional methodology, materials, devices for learning and teaching, and instruments to help children learn well. Our professionals deal with all types of children and have the experience of assessing the requirements of each child.

Professionals at Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic have been working relentlessly towards developing children with specific disabilities. Every child is different from the other, and their needs also vary. Our special educators read a child’s behaviour thoroughly and analyze their requirements. The therapy and educational procedure is chosen according to the responses of a kid. This helps in conducting rapid remedial actions that can benefit the child at the earliest. Planning and monitoring the remedial process is essential since small kids are involved. This is why our clinic hires high qualified and experienced professionals who are a master of this trade.

  • Our special education programs in Bhimavaram, Vijayawada, Tanuku, and other locations include:
  • Structured courses
  • Orientation and assessment of students
  • Counselling and tutoring
  • Social and emotional development of children

So, visit Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic today if your child faces studying disabilities.