The process of restoring the physical and mental health of a person to its original well-being is called rehabilitation. These treatments are needed by individuals combating severe illness, disabilities, and chronic pain. At Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic, we treat patients coping with physical, cognitive, sensory, and emotional disorders. Our experts specialize in offering effective rehabilitation psychology therapies that can help a person regain his former prejudice.

We house some of the renowned rehabilitation counsellors who know their job the best. They counsel clients and help them cope with their disabilities efficiently. These professionals analyze the skills and interests of patients and try to divert their attention towards the brighter sides of life. Our rehabilitation counsellors stay in touch with doctors, psychologists, and therapists. They plan their treatment schedule after consulting these experts to obtain the most effective results.

Our counsellors are ready to attend to people with various disabilities in different stages. They are always available to listen to clients and help them lead meaningful lives. People looking for effective rehabilitation therapies should visit Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic in Tanuku, Vishakhapatnam, and other locations and witness the difference. We charge less but never compromise on the quality of our services.