About Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic

Teja Hearing and Speech therapy clinic, Rednam Gardens, Ramnagar is organising a free camp from April 4th to 6th,2013. Speaking to media here on Thursday, Dr K Durga Prasad said a free hearing test, physiotherapy and occupational theraphy would be done at the camp and hearing aids would be given at concessional rates.

He said the centre is a Early Intervention Centre for Attention Defect HyperActivity Disorder in Children. Highly qualified speech therapists and audilogists are available at the centre.

Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic was started in the year 1992 wth the strength of five hearing impaired students.The Group founder DR.K.Durga Prasad started his career as a Special Educator (Hearing Impaired) and obtains Masters degree in Children Psychology.He started changing behaviourial disabilities in children with suitable services along with his team of professionals and with their well equipped departments in all branches.

Various services provided by our group are Physiotherapy,Occupational Therapy,Clinical Psychology,Special Education,Remedial Training,Hearing tests and Hearing Aids.Today it is manned by 100 dedicated ,committed and quality professional serving 200 beneficiaries comprising of all types of disabled,coming from all parts of the country.We are providing parental training programs to improve their skills,and to identify problem of the child.

Teja Speech & Hearing Clinics conducted various free camps to create awareness of the field.More than 20000 chidren were developed with our efforts.

Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic's founder DR.K.Durga Prasad personally,expresses his profound gratitude to all parents,staff,well wishers,professionals who have directly,indirectly helped them in mitigating the suffering of the disabled and to create a ray of smile on their faces.