Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology deals with therapies for people having mental disorders, psychiatric issues, and abnormal behaviour. Here, the concepts of psychology and treatments for complicated human problems are put together to treat a patient. Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic has been doing an exceptional job in relieving individuals from acute psychological problems through effective therapies. Our psychologists focus on developing the personal well-being of clients and help them get rid of mental disorders, specially focused on ADHD/Autistic children.

  • Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic offers the best psychotherapy in Vijayawada and has a vast client base. Our range of clinical psychology services includes:
  • Assess the psychological state of a patient
  • Carry out psychological research
  • Offering consultation in psychiatric wards in hospitals, schools, and business houses
  • Developing programs based on prevention and cure
  • Behavioral Management and Modification
  • Conducting psychotherapy and Behavior Modification Sessions

The mental health of a person is often given less priority than physical health. Therefore, at Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic, we organize several awareness programs to educate people on the importance of mental well-being. We take care of each of our patients with the utmost dedication and ensure they receive the best therapy at the earliest. Our founder and Managing Director, Dr. K Durga, holds several degrees in psychology. The entire clinic works under his guidance and aims at serving people with the most effective treatment.