The treatment required for restoring the mobility of different parts of the body is termed physiotherapy. Many people lose their regular body movements after an accident or an injury. A physiotherapist conducts various therapies to help a patient heal and regain his mobility. Teja Clinic is renowned for offering the best possible physiotherapy services in the state. Our clinics have highly trained professionals who have helped thousands of people recover from severe mobility disorders.

  • Physiotherapists at our clinic work on the following aspects:
  • Teaching to roll, crawl, stand, and walk steadily
  • Head control and monitoring body positions
  • Stair-climbing
  • Balancing on one foot
  • Running and jumping
  • Mastering ball skills
  • Gathering strength for playing sports
  • Monitoring the functions of the heart and lungs
  • Teaching bike-riding
  • Using special devices, such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc., for rectifying body movements and playing positions

Our physiotherapists do not only restrict their treatment procedures to improving body mobility. They also conduct therapies to cure severe conditions like asthma, cerebral palsy, osteoarthritis, ulcers, strokes, etc. We have state-of-the-art physiotherapy facilities in our clinics in Vijayawada and other locations. Besides, our charges are the least in the market, and thus, one can afford them without a second thought.