Schools for Slow Learners

Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic not only focuses on child development but also helps students who are slow learners. We have schools for slow learners who cannot keep parity with the pace at ordinary schools.

  • The key features of our programs include:
  • Encouraging students to perform better in their studies.
  • Helping a child realize that he is not left out.
  • Identifying the issues in a student that are hindering his rapid learning abilities.
  • Implementing methods to help a child get over his reading and writing issues.
  • Assisting kids to realize their goals and working towards them dedicatedly.
  • Setting up small goals for children in short intervals and helping them achieve those goals.
  • Organizing vocational training sessions to enhance the skills of each child.
  • Enabling students to appear for board examinations held by District Boards or National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

All the above programs are designed, organized, and monitored by child development experts. These professionals understand child psychology perfectly and can guide students effectively in achieving their goals. Our clinics in Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, Tadepalligudem, Bhimavaram, and Tanuka offer schooling for students with learning disabilities at a lower price. So, help your child catch up with the pace of the modern world with our dedicated services.