Hearing Care

A few children are born with a hearing problem that is revealed as they grow. However, hearing problems are not restricted to newborns since elderly adults also face the same issues with age. We at Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic offer superior hearing care services at a very reasonable price. Our experts examine the problem faced by a patient and help him with the best solution.

Hearing problems vary from one person to another, and thus, the treatment procedure also changes. We have advanced technology hearing aid models that shall suit the requirements of all types of clients. For instance, the hearing aid required by a one-year-old will be different in several aspects from that of a 90-year old. Hence, professionals at Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic will analyze the requirements of a patient and get the best hearing aid pair for him.

Teja Speech & Hearing Clinic offers the latest information about all types of services demanded by hearing aids. Our professionals will guide clients on how to take the best care of these devices and ensure their longevity. People having hearing problems can visit any of our branches located in different parts of the state, including Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, etc., for top-quality services at an affordable price. We are also available for all types of consultations.