Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental illness, abnormal behavior and psychiatric problems. This field integrates the science of psychology with the treatment of complex human problems, making it an exciting career choice for people who are looking for a challenging and rewarding field.

Clinical psychology is an integration of science, theory and clinical knowledge for the purpose of understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress or dysfunction and to promote subjective well-being and personal development.Central to its practice are psychological assessment and psychotherapy, although clinical psychologists also engage in research, teaching, consultation, forensic testimony, and program development and administration.In many countries, clinical psychology is a regulated mental health profession.

Teja Clinic can offer a range of professional services, including:
Administer and interpret psychological assessment and testing
Conduct psychological research
Consultation (especially for multi-disciplinary teams in mental health settings, such as psychiatric wards and increasingly other healthcare settings, schools and businesses)
Development of prevention and treatment programs
Program administration
Provide expert testimony (forensic psychology)
Provide psychological/ mental treatment (psychotherapy, or/and psychopharmacology “priscribing psychologists”)
Teach and Researches